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Finding your way into the Age of Aquarius starts with aligning with your unique Soul-Style!

Radical Honesty: We are at the very beginning of seeing the entire game change AND understanding at deeper level how we the ‘change-makers’, ‘game-changers’ and ‘agents of change’!

Trish Murray. Rediscover your Soul-Style...inside your business & beyond, with a 60-Minute Mashup of your Numerology, Astrology and Human Design, through the lens of your Akashic Records.


What do you need to amplify more inside your business or beyond? This unique experience explores your Soul-Style with:

a guided approach to your Numerology, Astrology and Quantum Human Design

‘intel’ and intuition from your Akashic Records

directional insights for your business or beyond!


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Realign with your Soul-Style Energy Year with this Fast-Track Guide: The Field, The Numbers and the Energy!

Fast-Track Finding Out!



• This easy to navigate 40-page guide connects the dots to your Soul-Style energy using the practice of numerology.

• Track foundational insights as you test and evaluate which of the Global & Soul-Style energy insights resonate with you. 

• Read stories from Trish’s personal practice that expand your exploration!

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time-bender series

Discover Your Soul-Style…by the numbers!


By-pass the ‘mystique’ of numerology and get right to the heart of your unique soul-style as they have been encoded into the numbers.

This four-part series, guided by Trish, is designed to introduce you to simple insights into your Soul-Style!


SINGLE SESSIONS: $65.00 per person

FULL SERIES: $250.00 per person (incl. replays)

WATCH • MARY KAY’S SOUL STORY (…by the numbers)



This four-part time bender series offers with four pieces from the ancient practice of Numerology to uncover simple insights and rediscover your unique Soul Style!

PART ONE: Discover your Core Number create more value inside your business and beyond!

Register for June 7, 2023


PART TWO: Tune into the encoded insights of your Birth Chart and Arrows of Individuality.

Register for June 14, 2023


PART THREE: Construct your Personal Pyramid, identify Peak Pivot Years and re-energize your plan!

Register for June 21, 2023


PART FOUR: Redefine your CEO Vision or Soul Purpose through your Soul-Style Storyboard.

Register for June 28, 2023

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