“Trish Murray creates strategic, one-to-one solutions that realign the meaning and purpose with your CEO vision (or soul purpose).

…and if it makes sense, recalibrate your Marketing around the meaning to connect, communicate and create more!”


Radical Honesty: Not everyone is ready for shifts that are moving us into the Age of Aquarius. It’s one reason I opted for a hybrid blend of solutions, guides and series that invite you to integrate more as you are ready, inside your business or beyond!


  • Reach beyond the conventional with a collection of curated ‘mystical and magical’ tools that uncover the core meaning and true purpose of your Creator Soul, inside your business & beyond.
  • Line your marketing up to deliver more points & progress and more of your big picture vision with less, working from a simple process, principles and practices.

  • Connect with micro-strategies and creative counsel that blend ideas and inspiration with intelligence and intuition for CEOs & Entrepreneurs who are ready to by-pass the hype and ‘hopium’ so often found in marketing!

I knew I was spinning my wheels and Trish helped me refocus, get clear and feel more organized about how each piece fits together!

Andrea A.

Intuitive Insights

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  • Reconsider the Power of Numerology
  • Redefine the Pure Potential of Astrology
  • Reshape Precision & Possibility with Quantum Human Design
  • Remember your Present Purpose with your Akashic Records (referral only)


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My 2023 Energy Alignment Guide

Realigning with your Creator Soul means more when you dive into the connection between what you do, how you do it and who you are


  • …by the numbers! Connect the dots to simple insights with your birth chart, ruling number & personal pyramid that point to peak years 
  • …by the stars! Find keys to communication, connection and creativity with specific insights from your astrological natal chart
  • …by design! Re-calibrate your life purpose and soul path with precision insights from your quantum human design.
  • …in the records! Find your Creator Soul’s why, what, who and more with inspired insights from your akashic records.
  • …put the pieces together! Design a cohesive Creator Soul Storyboard to see more of your big picture, more quickly.

More than anything else, you probably need space in your mind to be curious and explore creative ‘what ifs’ that will expand your core value to customers.

  • I help you step back, see more and shift your perspective on what more means inside your Marketing – from your endgame to your scoreboard.

  • Together we bridge the gaps between creativity, critical thinking and common sense so that you (or your small team) experience a whole new ‘zone of coherence’.

  • We focus on connecting the dots between your game plan and the day-to-day implementation with simple tools that lead to more effective outcomes.

  • Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approaches; the soul of Marketing in the Age of Aquarius is about your meaning, your purpose and aligning it to fit you!

Trish has worked through our entire Brand Matrix to reflect who each of our founding partners and ensure that finds its way into our the various aspects of our Marketing! Her creative counsel on our products was insightful and she has helped us build a quarterly Game Plan, which is invaluable. We are very happy with how aligned it all feels now.”

Sheryl A.

I feel so supported and so, so grateful! Your Brand Matrix process is clear and organized; I’m feeling the momentum building and see how each piece is fitting together each week. I am awed at how my core archetypes and Soul Style are so me, they’ve definitely been present throughout my whole career, and gives me such confidence to lean into my Explorer/Adventurer as I evolve my work.

Jo-Anne W

Intelligent Counsel

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  • Reframe your Endgame
  • Refine your Marketing Playbook or Game Plan
  • Realign your ‘brand’ to reflect who you are (vs. what you do)
  • Recalibrate your practice to be more about progress and less about perfection!


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