At Light on Marketing we know how to begin at the beginning. We know what it means to be a soul-purpose entrepreneur looking for innovation, ideation and insights and we know how Marketing needs to look and feel, if it’s going to better support our Life 360º…


Radical Honesty: Most Marketing resources focus on answering one question, ‘HOW’. In other words, becoming better tactical ninjas, which is fine to a certain point.


Having been through our own ‘Eat Pray Love’ journey(s), we ask (and help you answer) different questions, in our opinion, better questions, which help you tune in, sync up and amplify Marketing that MEANS more!


Expanding your mind to Marketing that means more (and creates more) doesn’t happen overnight…

…it happens one step at a time!


Creator Soul Journal

We are entering an age where we won’t just pay lip-service to ‘work/life balance’. Right now MILLIONS of people are re-envisioning their Life in 360º (and, business is just one part). The Creator Soul Journal is magazine-style collaboration of souls who have shifted beyond the ‘red-pill moments’ to more conscious, empowered living.

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Marketing Your CEO Vision (Workshop Series)

Reconnecting with your Creator Soul often puts you on the CEO path — becoming the ‘creative envisioning officer‘ of a new or evolving business.

Once you’ve got a solid idea the next question can be, “how do I market it, more effectively?” And what if, you could find a way for Marketing to fit your vision rather than the other way around? 

Our Soul Purpose Series includes four (4) workshops that take you (or your team) step by step through the integral, intelligent and intuitive elements of Marketing to flow more of your soul-purpose and CEO vision, out into the world!

Soul-purpose owners and emerging CEOs need Marketing to BE a strong supporting player and FEEL as light as possible! 


Marketing Circle

Integrating Marketing on your own terms means reframing and realigning within our Light Marketing Circle!

We unite solo/entrepreneurs, independent business owners or their team with the innovation, ideation and insight that makes Marketing, make sense for them.

We blend group and 1:1 interactions with process and principles that elevate your personal practice and create more effective outcomes.

Quarterly members experience:

• Six (6) group innovation & ideation sessions that redefine Marketing – strategy, planning and implementation – to reshape your results.

• Six (6) one-to-one power calls for quick, clear counsel or insights from your Akashic Records.

Integral, intelligent & intuitive Marketing that influences business growth, one quarter at a time!


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