Light on Marketing emerged out of a series of evolutions, which means, we know how to connect the dots looking backward and help you recalibrate and reconnect with your creator soul!


Radical Honesty: Most Marketing resources focus on answering one question, ‘HOW’. In other words, becoming better tactical ninjas. We believe the why, what, where, when and who are equally important.


“As I moved beyond my career in marketing, I found my soul path; a deeper purpose and my unique style, which help me elevate & amplify my soul’s evolution.” ~Tricia Murray


Creator Soul Journal

We are entering an age where we won’t just pay lip-service to ‘work/life balance’ and right now, MILLIONS of people are are having ‘red-pill’ moments that lead to a great level of awareness, consciousness and empowerment (inside business and beyond)!

The Creator Soul Journal is magazine-style collaboration of souls who have shifted beyond those wait-what moments to find more health, wealth, meaning and purpose.

Tune into a growing collection of contributors who are re-envisioning their soul path, purpose and expressing their unique Soul Style!

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Marketing Your Soul Purpose

Reconnecting with your Creator Soul can put you on a different career/business path and one common question follows,

“How do I market it effectively?”

Marketing your Soul Purpose means recalibrating the ‘soul’, role and purpose that marketing plays, in order for you to connect, communicate and create more with your marketing!

Starting from a strong foundation provides the support you need to expand your marketing in a way that fits you!

Discover your three core archetypes to crystallize your vision & mission or draw on specific elements from your astrological natal chart to connect with your Soul Style™.


Marketing for soul-purpose owners needs to play a strong supporting player, and feel as light as possible! 


Soul 2 Soul Conversations

Soul 2 Soul conversations are specifically structured to reconnect you with your archetypes, Soul Style and amplify a greater degree of creativity!

  • When you feel like you are out of ideas, inspiration or innovation…
  • When you feel overwhelmed by your ‘idea fairies’ and want to zero in on specific directional insights…
  • When you feel something has (to) shift in order to elevate your Soul Contribution…


“When you are where I’ve been, all I can say is…

…I went down a million different rabbit holes searching for answers, the Akashic Records consistently help me ideate and innovate more, inside every aspect of my life 360º.”

~ Tricia Murray


Connect to more, one soul to another in an intro call!

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