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Fast-track finding your way into the Age of Aquarius!

Radical Honesty: In the Age of Aquarius, there will be a reckoning of sorts, for those who pushed volume over value and promoted a ‘zero sum’ game. We are at the very beginning of seeing the entire game change and each fast-track guide and timebender series offers intelligent, intuitive insight into how we align with this ‘new age’!

I can share with you what and how I think things are going to change (and I do on my podcast), but, eventually my core community starts to look for more, in order to make more progress, more quickly in their own journey. I write/speak about what I’ve experienced — personally and professionally — and each fast-track or time-bender focuses on key pieces I believe will be ‘table-stakes’ beyond the edge of this time of change.

Fast-Track Finding Out about the Field, The Numbers and the Energy!

Find out what you might need right now, in order to THRIVE in this unfolding ‘new age’ — the Age of Aquarius! (with less f*cking around)

Connect to the “find-out-f*ck-around” princple in less than 3-minutes!


• This easy to navigate 20-page guide connects a few initial dots to see the vital connection between the field and the energy, through the esoteric practice of numerology.

• Simple foundational insights you can test in order to evaluate if the Global & Personal energy year(s) mean more in your world. 

• Examples from my personal practice that help you decide if the connection between the field, numbers & energy is integral for you right now.

• An expanded case-story about Mary Kay Ash’s personal numerology and her unique soul story!

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time-bender series

Your Soul-Style…by the numbers!

By-pass the ‘mystique’ of numerology with this full six-part series guided by Trish and ‘bend time’. Connect with your personal numbers, see your Soul-Style more clearly and integrate more meaning into your business & beyond! •• Includes a 60-Minute Mashup with Trish! (Buy once, own forever)

Coherence: Create Clarity in 9-Days!

In a world mired in chaos, how do we find COHERENCE? This audio series includes all nine, 15-minute segments with Trish to ‘bend time’ and create more clarity, consistency and ‘calm cool’ inside your business & beyond! (Buy once, own forever)

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