Q1 – 2023

Reframe Your Marketing Endgame  |  Redefine Your Brand Mission  |  Reshape Your Core Community


about us


At Light on Marketing we connect small business CEOs & soul-purpose owners with integral, intelligent and intuitive aspects of Marketing that create more effective outcomes.

There are a million ways to use Marketing to grow your business; here are three things we do to help you find your way.


1 • We shift business owners away from the hype and the hopium to see more, open to more and relate to more of what’s right for their business and their customers.


2 • We equip CEOs with core insights that restore mind space by focusing on (in our opinion) questions that transcend the “how”, to the what, where, when, who and how much.


3 • We provide Marketing solutions that connects with who you are — a scientist at heart, a spiritually-oriented soul-seeker and probably, a beautiful blend of both!


RADICAL HONESTY: As an industry, Marketing has thrived for more than 150 years, because it has made things unnecessarily complicated.



We believe the field of Marketing is pretty simple, and prove it with a straight-forward process and universal principles that connect your endgame, playbook, game plan and scoreboard.




Our four-step framework is simple, sufficient and stabilizes your Marketing:

The Endgame
Redefine ‘strategy’ to simply focus on what you want Marketing to do for your business and realign your contribution and your community by communicating from your Soul Style™.

The Playbook
Build on a solid foundation to expand your Marketing Matrix — from your products/services/packages and promotional conduits to key platforms and channels.

The Game Plan
Put a sufficient level of structure around your Game plan and you immediately refocus your Marketing (& your Mind).

The Scoreboard
Identify specifically what you need to see, to know your Marketing is manifesting more points, progress and more of your ‘big picture’ vision.


There is a whole lot that happens before Marketing can be effective and expansive!

There is the ‘creative process’, where you put on your CEO hat and become the chief enVISIONing officer.

Marketing isn’t meant to take centre-stage, it is meant to play a strong supporting role in bringing your CEO Vision or Soul-Purpose to life!

Marketing’s superpowers are communicating your core value, connecting with your market and creating strong, two-way relationships between you and your customers.

And, that’s what allows Marketing to be light again!