tricia murray

As Founder of Light on Marketing, Tricia Murray knows all about how arduous, cumbersome, underwhelming and downright heavy Marketing can feel.

She took the LONG way around, battling everything
that is wrong with Marketing today! It meant 
16,000+ hours, filtering it through the lens of science and spirituality to realign with the integral, intelligent and intuitive pieces that make Marketing LIGHT again!



I was so frustrated with the ‘more must be better’ rhetoric in Marketing. Tricia is a breath of fresh air! She shares openly from a diverse background in Marketing and offers insights and counsel while advocating for the possibility of more with less.

Josie B.

I don't need full-time anything right now, especially Marketing, but I truly value my light Marketing team and quarterly CMO sessions.

Liz S.

Our Game Plan + Handbook is invaluable and the copy/messaging you gave us is finding its way into the web, promos & ads. We are very happy with how congruent it all feels.”

Sheryl A.

I know when I’m spinning my wheels and Tricia enables me to refocus on what’s actually adding more to my big picture.”

Andrea A.

I like the way our ‘light’ team does our Marketing better than the way others didn't.

Chris T.

I equip small business CEOs & Owners with simple solutions that translate to more!


There are multiple things that have gone wrong with Marketing and many things that are still very, very right…

What’s gone wrong? Complicated systems designed for big brands. Unnecessary ‘mystery’ around what’s working and what’s not. Lack of discipline and an abundance of bullshit. Plus, a top-down hierarchical culture that implies ‘you know nothing and we know everything’.

What’s still right? Powerful potential, key principles, a pretty simple process and an ever-evolving practice. Marketing is about continually recalibrating the meaning and mutual benefit as consumer needs change and integrating diversity with dynamic exchange to ensure its contributing more for the business, the owner AND the customer.

Marketing is about finding the merge point between meaning, mutual benefit, diversity and dynamic evolution that keep things in flow! 


Shine a light.

Connect 1:1 with Tricia Murray to realign with the integral, intelligent and/or intuitive solution you need to refocus your Mind.