to a new age

Tricia Murray keeps it light on marketing and more on meaning, purpose and alignment with the emerging ‘Age of Aquarius’!

To say that we are in the midst of a global recalibration is putting it lightly. My language for this transformation is the Age of Aquarius!

Now, if that sounds a little (or a lot) ‘woo-woo’ consider what you’re seeing, thinking and feeling?

In less that three years:

  • How we connect has fundamentally shifted
  • What and where we communicate is being challenged and disrupted, and
  • The ways/means we create relationships has come down to our frequency, their ‘vibe’ and a shared/similar wavelength.

That’s not just spiritual woo-woo; it’s science, classic and quantum physics.

The Age of Aquarius is a language to describe the transformation and the myriad of directions our “Creator Souls” will move in, to find deeper meaning, true purpose and our own optimal alignment to create more inside our business and beyond!

My role in this transformation?

…fast-track your “finding out” journey (with less f*cking around) to manifest more in the Age of Aquarius!

Meaningful Solutions.

Connect with one-to-one solutions that integrate intelligent, intuitive insights into your business and beyond!


Fast-Track Resources 


Finding individual, inspired insights can happen quickly!

Explore clear, concise guides and strategic gateways that teach you how to ‘bend time’ by exploring or expanding your experience with the Age of Aquarius!



If I’m correct about the Age of Aquarius, we are evolving faster than our  intellect can keep pace with.


This means, we need to tune in and sync up with people, practices and resources that help us harness the power of our intuition.

Here’s a little ditty

about one soul’s journey to manifest more than a life of work. She joined the Dixie Chicks on the LONG way around and fought the Universe tooth and nail for a ‘purpose-driven work’ to be anything BUT Marketing…




Fast-Track, Finding Out!

The fastest track I can create for you to find out more is a short, sweet 1:1 conversation...

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