Redefine Your Marketing.

Refocus Your Mind.

Light on Marketing exists because independent business Owners & soul-purpose Entrepreneurs are actively searching for ways to redefine Marketing that amplifies their business potential!


Light on Marketing focuses on the integral, intelligent and intuitive elements that refocus your mind in the midst of transformational times! 

We bridge the gaps between:

• critical thinking and common sense;

• ‘intel’ and intuition;

• ‘strategy’ and implementation; and,

• we reshape the seemingly unlimited options to find opportunities that are right for you and your business…

…right now, next and in the near future!

Our Marketing. Your Terms.

Connect more of our approach to Marketing with your CEO Vision, on your own terms!

Critical Thinking. Common Sense.

Clear Counsel.

Integrate intelligence with intuition through counsel that delivers more effective outcomes.



If Marketing is not your zone of brilliance it’s likely taking up more mind-space than you can measure.

We know exactly what it feels like when Marketing is living ‘rent free’ in your mind.

Heavy. Cumbersome. Frustrating. Overly-Complicated. Burn-out. 


It’s why we created light-weight solutions that free your mind and line your Marketing up to create more!




  • Integral elements and intelligent expansion to amplify your CEO Vision.
  • Critical thinking and common sense through our Marketing Circle.
  • Intuitive insights and co-creation with seasoned Marketing counsel.


I was so frustrated with the ‘more must be better’ rhetoric in Marketing. Tricia is a breath of fresh air! She shares openly from a diverse background in Marketing and offers insights and counsel while advocating for the possibility of more with less.

Josie B.
Naturopath Clinic, California

I don't need full-time anything right now, especially Marketing, but I truly value my light Marketing team and quarterly CMO sessions.

Liz S.

Our Game Plan + Handbook is invaluable and the copy/messaging you gave us is finding its way into the web, promos & ads. We are very happy with how congruent it all feels.”

Sheryl A.

I know when I’m spinning my wheels and Tricia enables me to refocus on what’s actually adding more to my big picture.”

Andrea A.

I like the way our ‘light’ team does our Marketing better than the way others didn't.

Chris T.

Here’s a little ditty

about one ‘Hero’s Journey’ of manifesting more than a life of work; joining the Dixie chicks on the LONG way around; and fighting the Universe tooth and nail for a ‘purpose-driven work’ to be anything BUT Marketing…




Shine a light.

Connect 1:1 with Tricia Murray to realign with the integral, intelligent and/or intuitive solution you need to refocus your Mind.